Bonnie’s Buzz About Town

It’s been a busy holiday season, but one of the best yet!

Recently I’ve enjoyed taking in the local art scene. The Cultural Council of Palm Beach is spotlighting local talent, and the latest exhibition of local art is by Tony Arruza. He spent five years creating a collection featuring hand-crafted surfboards inlaid with photographs, and no two boards are the same. Catch the wave of creativity by surfing down to 601 Lake Avenue, where the boards are on display until January 21st.
Inline image 1
The gorgeous exhibition on display at the Cultural Council headquarters. 
I was very proud to assist in the fundraising for Achilles International, an organization dedicated to enabling people with disabilities to participate in running events across the country. We had a beautiful fundraiser at Mar-A-Lago, and I donated three of my one of a kind items: a leopard and floral scarf from the U.S., an acrylic leopard bracelet from Milan, and a pair of animal print earrings from London. The women could “spot” my style from a mile away!
Inline image 2
Founder Mary Bryant McCourt shares her charity’s wonderful mission with us in the ballroom space donated by President Elect Donald Trump.
In the spirit of the season, I am happy to announce that I have partnered with Legends Radio for a feature to keep locals informed as to the most exciting social events in Palm Beach County. Legends is one of the classiest radio stations featuring fabulous artists such as Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennet and more.  I’ll be on air this winter talking about all the best events and sights to see  Tune in to Legends Radio at 100.3 FM or listen to the livestream here for”Bonnie’s Buzz About Town”every Thursday morning during the 9 o’clock hour!”
In the recording studio at Legends Radio.

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